Get Involved

How Do I Get Involved?

Our church is not a place for spectators. It is a place for service and fellowship. Whether you are a five-year old child, a ninety-five year old grandmother, a busy mom, or a businessman with big responsibilities, we want you to be a part of our vibrant church community. Here is how you can learn, serve, and grow at Greater Providence. Your church needs your help now and urgently so. We have many ministries that are not doing what they have the potential to do because they need You! You must join in and help make this church God’s best.
The Schedule of Ministry Activities contains a full schedule of each ministries planned activities. You can locate the meeting times below.

Alpha Fitness

Barbara Ray, Chair
Mary Ledbetter, Vice-Chair
Basketball League
Priscilla Rickenbacker, Director
Phillip Nowlin, Assistant Director
Aaron Howie, Assistant Athletic Director
Demetrius Harris, Assistant Director
Bulletin Boards
Gena Hoursey, Coordinator
Patricia Lutrell
Christian Life Enrichment

Saturdays (2nd) @ 10:AM

Joyce Culbreath, Chair
Deborah McLendon, Vice Chair
Vondalyn Hamilton, Secretary
Culinary/Hospitality Ministry
Ola Mae McCoy, Chair
Bennie Thomas, First Vice
Thelma Caraway, Second Vice
Dance Ministry
God’s Destined Praisers/Mime MinistryMondays @ 6:30 PM
Highly Praised Youth
– Saturdays (2nd & 3rd) @ 9:30 AM

Saints-N-Motion (Adults)Mondays before 3rd & 4th Sundays @ 6:00 PM

TBD, Chair

Drama Ministry

Aaron Howie, Co-Chair
Valentine Harlee, Co-Chair
If you have the desire to serve in this ministry, please fill out the form on the table outside of the Sanctuary and return it to the Chairperson.

Education Committee Saturdays (3rd) @ 12:00 Noon

Rev. Marvin Crawford
First Responders Ministry

Saturdays (4th) @ 11:00 AM

Vondalyn Hamilton, Chair
Melissa Mikell, Vice Chair
Wanda Clark, Secretary
Flower Guild

Saturdays (3rd) @ 10:00 AM

Brenda Asbury, Chair
Sharon Bailey, Vice Chair
Grief & Recovery Ministry
Rev. Mary E. Higgs, Coordinator
Lorene Mackey, Assistant Coordinator
Hands in Motion
Thursdays @ 10:30 AM
Kate Hamilton,Chair
Jacqueline Moss, Vice Chair
Host/Hostess Ministry
Lillie Ann Walls, Chair
Misti Dae,Vice Chair
Intercessor Prayer Ministry
Tuesday, 1st & 2nd @ 7:00 AM
Rev. Andre Caulton, Chair
Rev. Tanya Lassiter, Vice Chair
Leadership for Women

Mondays (1st) @ 6:00 PM

Cheleta Caulton, Chair
Deborah Lewis, Vice Chair
Margaret Weldon Missionary Circle

Saturdays (2nd) @ 10:00 AM

Linda Redding, Chair
Shirley Brown, First Vice
Dorothy Blackmon, Second Vice
Christine Fox, Third Vice
Betty Saunders, Fourth Vice

Media Ministry

James Berry, Chair

Music Ministry

Ivory Coleman, Minister of Music
Curtis Dean, Assistant Minister of Music


Brotherhood Tuesdays before 2nd & 3rd Sundays @ 7:15 PM
Larry Boston, Chair
Dexter Royal, Vice Chair
Mass Choir Thursdays before 1st & 2nd Sundays @ 7:00 PM
Cheleta Caulton, Chair
Sonya Jordan, Vice Chair
Spiritual (Hymn) Choir Saturdays @ 12:00 Noon
Valentine Harlee, Chair
Brenda Wright, Vice Chair
Youth Mass Choir

Saturdays before 2nd & 3rd Sundays

Voices of Gratitude
William Simmons, Chair
New Members Pastoral Assimilation
New Members’ Teachers’ Training – Saturdays (1st) @ 10:00 AM (except January)
New Members’ Class – Wednesdays immediately before the last 2 Sundays of the month 
Gail Brown, Director
Rev. Mary E. Higgs, Assistant Director & Ministry Advisor
Mary Anne Logan, Chair
Catherine Huntley, Vice Chair
Pastor’s Aide Committee
Sharon Bailey, Chair
Claudia Sullivan, Vice Chair
REVAMP (Rebuild and Empower the Young Adult Ministry)
Rachel Sargent, Chair Bryan Patterson Jr., Vice Chair A’myia Dula, Second Vice

Mondays before 3rd & 4th Sundays @ 6:00 PM

Janai Taliaferro, Co-Chair
Steffanie Lewis, Co-Chair

SAMSON Men’s Ministry

Saturdays (2nd & 4th) @ 10:30
Rev. André Caulton, Chair
Jimmy Exum, Vice Chair
Scouting Program(Girl ScoutTroop 21)
Daisies & Brownies: Debbie Jackson
Juniors & Cadettes: LaKesha Stewart & Katrina Chandler
Sunday School Classes –

Every 4th & 5th Sunday

Carol Howie, Chair
Sunday School Ministry
1st, 2nd & 3rd Sundays @ 9:45 AM, 4th & 5th Sundays @ 8:50 AM
Dexter Royal, Co-Superintendent
Wanda Royal, Co-Superintendent
Harlan Dula, Co-Assistant Superintendent
Lynn Dula, Co-Assistant Superintendent
Transportation Ministry
Deacon David Hughes, Coordinator

True Vine Ministry

John Gordon, Chair
Michael Miller, ViceChair
Usher Ministry
Saturdays (3rd) @ 9:30 AM
Marva Waller, Chair
Floyd Ford, First Vice Chair
Linda Williams, SecondVice Chair
Web Ministry
Brenda Meadows, Web Designs & Updates
Wedding Ministry
Eddie Bailey, Coordinator
Youth Ministry
2nd Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM Lara Harris, Youth Ministry Coordinator
Lara Harris, Chair (Youth Ministry Coordinator)
Annissa McDowell, Vice Chair