GPBCChurch Profile

Mission Statement

We affirm the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the church and community through preaching, teaching, worshiping, fellowshipping and serving.

Church Theme
Greater Providence adopts a new theme annually. For 2022, the theme is Stand Strong and Remain Confident in These Uncertain Times with Philippians 1:6 as the supporting scripture.
Believing the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, a small group of Christians organized Providence Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC in 1935. In the eighty-six-year history of this church, four (4) pastors served and to accommodate congregational growth, the worship site relocated three times. The longest serving pastor, Dr. Fred Gibson, retired in August 2021 after faithfully shepherding for forty (40) years. Under the pastorate of Dr. Gibson, the church was renamed from Providence Baptist Church to Greater Providence Baptist Church (GPBC) as an indicator of the desire to become greater in service, greater numerically and greater in its overall ministry presence. God graciously permitted Greater Providence to realize greatness in all areas. Currently, Greater Providence’s campus includes a chapel, sanctuary and family life center that comprehensively house classrooms, meeting space, administrative offices, a gymnasium and kitchen facilities.
The congregation of approximately 500 members is composed primarily of working-class African Americans nearing and already in retirement status, 70% of whom are female. Members and regular attendees reside in the greater Charlotte area extending miles beyond the church’s physical address. Many families enjoy experiencing various GPBC ministries prior to joining the church because membership has not been a requirement for ministry participation. As a church committed to community involvement, Greater Providence has engaged in partnerships with local schools, churches and civic organizations. In recent years, however, the youth/young adult presence has declined at Greater Providence, evidenced in multiple teaching, music and social development ministries that are inactive or nearly defunct. For that reason, GPBC seeks a pastor who is skilled with growing a multi-generational congregation in all areas and stages of life.
The Greater Providence ministry is committed not only to the believer’s spiritual development but also to the mental/emotional, physical and financial well-being of congregants. Family oriented, GPBC’s leadership is comprised of men and women in the roles of deacon, trustee and associate minister. Greater Providence is active with local, state and national Baptist associations. As is the case worldwide, Greater Providence was significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The congregation remains largely online for virtual worship,Sunday school, Bible study and ministry meetings after closing in-person worship in March 2020. Limited in-person participation for live-streamed worship and fitness classes are currently in place; all other regularly occurring ministries are managed virtually. Greater Providence seeks a pastor who will lead the congregation into its new normal after nearly two years of separation. Established to make a difference in the lives of others, Greater Providence remains a beacon to the saved and unsaved, providing needed biblical nourishment and a place where everyone can serve and grow in Jesus Christ.
Greater Providence on Cleveland Avenue